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3/4/16 - Special Message/request from ATF Association. All ATFA members, one of our fellow law enforcement associations needs our help. The Formers Customs Agents are seeking assistance from law enforcement officers to keep the killer of a Customs Inspector in prison. Please review the attached document and if you agree with their request, send a letter to the parole commission - AFCSA Request

1/14/16 - Special Message from the Deputy Director - New ATF Logo

ATFA Press Release

May 2015 - There's Nothing Wrong With ATF That A Transfer To The FBI Will Fix

July 2014 - ATF Association counters Congressman Sensenbrenner’s reaction to GAO report


June 2015 - OPM Cybersecurity Incident


June 2015 - Exploding Targets - Public Safety Advisory


April 2016 To view letter regarding Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act click here

March 04, 2016 - ATFA Letter restoring Ariel Rios Designation to the ATF Headquarters Building (Also signed by former ATF Directors & Acting Directors) - click here

December 2015 - Letter of thanks from Gabby Sheldon, widow of ATF Special Agent Bill Sheldon click here

August 2015 - Letter to the White House recommending nominee for the position of ATF Director click here

June 2015 -Restoring Ariel Rios Designation to the ATF Headquarters Building click here.  To view and sign a petition to support restoring the name click here.  You will need to enter your name and a valid email address. Active ATF and government employees should not use their official email as this is a request to Congress for legislation.  You may sign as a citizen using your personal email account.  Note:  When you sign the petition, we've found you may be taken to a page asking if you would like to make a donation to iPetitions. It is not necessary to make a donation to have your signature added and the donations do not go to ATFA or any effort to have Ariel's name restored. It is just a request to support iPetitions.

B. Todd Jones Sworn In As Director of the ATF click here


To view ATFA letter to Director Jones click here

To view ATFA letter to USAA click here

To view response letter from USAA to ATFA click here

To view ATFA letter to Patrick Leahey, Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary click here

To view ATFA letter to Jeff Sessions, Committee on the Judiciary click here

To view the Inspector General's Review of Operation Fast & Furious click here

ATFA, through Eclat, is offering employment seminars regarding transition from the public to the private sector for those leaving government service.

SA John Capano Memorial Fund Started to Assist Capano Family

New ATF Merchandise Available

ATFA position on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Reformation Act of 2009

ATFA Letter to Senator Grassley

ATFA Letter to Senator Leahy

Bouchard House Statement regarding Operation Fast and Furious

Fox Fails to Fact Check on Operation Castaway


In ATF Report Issued as One of Obama's Executive Orders, Alabama Ranks 10th in Stolen Guns

ATF Releases Lost and Stolen Firearms Report

ATF Report: 190,000 Firearms Lost or Stolen in 2012

Deputies, ATF Stop Sales of Stolen Putnam Firearms

Firearms Application

Help the family of DEA Agent Joe Piersante

Obscure Tax Deduction for Retirees



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