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The ATF Association (ATFA) was established in 2007.  Its purpose is to bring together former and current ATF colleagues for fellowship and friendship, assist with post-ATF career planning and development, and to provide support in a time of need.  In honor of the many ATF employees that have died or sustained serious injuries in fulfilling the ATF mission, the Association is committed to the support of members of the ATF Family who have experienced severe trauma or financial need and to keep the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice forever in our consciousness.

Members of the Association include Special Agents, Industry Operations Inspectors and Investigators, Explosive Enforcement Officers, Chemists, Scientists, Attorneys and other personnel who supported the ATF mission.

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  • Online membership directory to help you stay in touch
  • ATFA LinkedIn Group
  • ATFA Facebook Group Page

Job Opportunities

  • Job postings to assist you find your post ATF career


  • Monthly electronic ATF Association Newsletter
  • ATF Association Retiree and Survivors Handbook
    • To help with questions about FERS, CSRS, Social Security, Medicare, FEGLI, FEHB, TSP and Veterans’ Benefits.
  • Information about HR-218 qualification

Informative Website

  • RSS Feed – every day something new is posted on the home page titled “ATF Right Now”
  • Press Releases from ATF
  • Copies of “Inside ATF” newsletter

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  • Tuition discount from Marist College

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April 2016 - Special Needs Request - Letter from ATFA President click here
December 2015 - Letter of thanks from Gabby Sheldon, widow of ATF Special Agent Bill Sheldon click here

ATF News 

To see:

1) letter to the White House recommending nominee for the position of ATF Director
2) a memo from the Justice Department regarding the recent OPM Cybersecurity Incident

3) information about restoring Ariel Rios Designation to the ATF HQ Building
4) a link to a petition you can sign to support restoring the Ariel Rios Designation to the ATF HQ Building
5) a press release from ATFA regarding the CAP recommendation that ATF be merged into the FBI
6) National Explosives Task Force Public Safety Advisory - Exploding Targets

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